In the world of data analysis, Jedox brings some handy tools to the table – Data Drillthrough and Drill Anywhere. Let’s break down what they do and why they matter to you.

What’s Data Drillthrough?

Data Drillthrough in Jedox lets you quickly access extra info without jumping around different reports. For example, if you’re checking out Orders by Product and want to know more about the Customers for each product, Drillthrough has your back.

Using it is a breeze. In Jedox Views, just right-click on a number, choose Drillthrough, and bam! You get a new table with more details. You can customize it to show just what you need.
And if you’re using Web Spreadsheets, you can export the data as a CSV or XLSX file. One thing to keep in mind – the CSV file sticks to English number formatting, even if your language settings are different. Just import it into Excel, and you’re good to go.

Here’s a quick tip: in Drillthrough results, numbers with “e” in them are treated like words. Even if your numbers use scientific notation (like 5+e20), don’t worry. They’ll still look like numbers, but when you sort them, it’s the first digit that calls the shots.

How to drillthgouh to a different source system check here.

Drill Anywhere: Dive into Data from Anywhere

Drill Anywhere is another cool feature available from the 2023.3 version. It lets you dig into data from any cell in a report and explore any cube dimension. It’s like having a dynamic magnifying glass for your data.

In Jedox Views, right-click on a number with PALO.DATA formula, hover over Drill by…, and you’ll see a list of dimensions. Pick one, and boom! The data shows up in a new table. Customize it to fit what you’re curious about.
And guess what? You can use Drill Anywhere on KPI cards in Canvas too. It adds an extra layer of exploration to your toolkit. (In case you like the KPI cards pallet from below you can check them here VISUAL VIBE 275)

But, there’s a catch with Drill Anywhere – any changes you make won’t affect the original report. It’s like a sandbox for trying things out. Anything you discover or change here stays in that session and won’t mess with your original report.

Cool right?

Wrapping Up: Get More from Your Data with Jedox

In the world of data crunching, Jedox is your buddy, bringing these nifty features that make your life easier. With Data Drillthrough and Drill Anywhere, you can smoothly navigate through your data, uncover hidden details, and explore dimensions. Go to the latest version today!

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