This week we will talk about how can Jedox connect to OneDrive. OneDrive is a cloud storage service developed by Microsoft, allowing users to store files and photos securely online, accessible from any device with an internet connection. It integrates with Microsoft Office applications and offers collaboration features for sharing and editing documents in real time.

We will showcase two ways of doing it, with a username and password and with a token connection.

Connecting with Username and Password

This method is less secure but allows users to simply access the files. Upload the file you would like to access from Jedox and specify the path:

OneDrive username and password

It is important to know your Azure application ID. you can request it from your IT department or in case you have access to your application Azure find it here:

onedrive client application

Now, if you test your connection to file it should be successful.

Connecting via Token Connection

As for the first case, you will need to have existing credentials to access the registered application in Azure. There we will need information like client ID, client secret and to allow certain API permission. Other things from oAuth connection can be copied from here:

and we will use oauth2PasswordCredential authentication method. More about this you can find here.

Client secret can be found here:

onedrive secret

API permission needs to be set here:

  • User.Read
  • Files.ReadWrite.All
onedrive api permissions

and finally, oAuthToken connection should look something like this:


In a data-driven world where agility and insights are paramount, the integration between Jedox and OneDrive represents a significant step forward in enhancing data connectivity and accessibility.

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