Hey there, it’s been a while! Today, I want to discuss creating your own success or progress charts in Jedox. These charts help us understand how things are going, like how much we sell and how much we make. We’ll use info from our BikerBest data and look at four areas: East, West, North, and South. The chart will show us how much things changed from one year to the next. If something is red, it means it’s the minimum value for that product in all the areas. If it’s green, it means it’s the maximal. We can even use different things like bars, rockets, or hearts to show the info. Fun, right?

So, let’s jump right in and learn how to make our own special chart in Jedox. Don’t worry, it’s not hard! Just follow these steps:

Steps for creating a success chart

Pick the Numbers: Choose the things you want to show in your chart from the BikerBest data. Maybe it’s how many things you sold or how much money you made. Pick the most important stuff!

Success Chart Step 1

Sort by Region: Divide your info into East, West, North, and South. This will help us see how each place is doing compared to the others.

Success Chart Step 2

Do the Math: Calculate how much things changed from one year to the next for each area. This will help us see if things are getting better or worse.

Success Chart Step 3

Make it Look Good: Use Jedox’s tools to make your chart easy to understand and cool to look at. You can use different kinds of charts like bars or even fun things like rockets or hearts. Go wild!

Success Chart Step 4

Color it Up: Use colours to make things even easier to understand. Red can be for the smallest numbers, and green can be for the biggest. That way, you can tell who’s doing the best and who needs some help.

Success Chart Step 5

Let’s do this together and make some nice success charts! You’ll see how fun and useful it can be to make your own charts in Jedox. Trust me, you’ll be a chart pro in no time. Have fun! For any additional help refer to the Jedox KB.

In case you want to move faster forward you can also download this example from here! NOTE: Installation of the Biker database is necessary in order to see the report. (included in download)

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