Excel functions in Jedox export  – Part 1

Excel functions in Jedox export – Part 1

While doing different projects we noticed that one of the repeating requirements is to export the Jedox report in Excel and then perform some additional analysis. As you know from before there are a few ways to export to excel. xlsx - standard export xlsx_snapshot - standard snapshot export xlsx_olap_snapshot - OLAP snapshot export In the case of xlsx export, data will be downloaded as a constant value. In this article, we will show you how to use the famous Excel function SUM incorporated in dynaranges. How to create a button for exporting in Excel? SUM in Jedox dynarange Imagine that we have two sheets. The first one contains data in Dynarage which could be editable when exported to excel. The second sheet supposes to read all changes from the first one and sum it up accordingly. In order to do that we will need to set up some steps: Create name range for Products and for considered data. Remember: it is important to select one row before and after dynarange. Create SUM function in the...
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