Jedox is fastly growing software and with every new version many cool features are released. That brings a bigger market and eventually more customers. Recently many projects are done for big corporations which handle a large number of users. In order to manage and control all of these users and licenses customers frequently ask for some type of report where all this information is displayed.

In the below picture, you can see a list of all users split by activity or in other words, are they allowed to use the system or not.

User licenses

As you can see there are possibilities to assign or unassign the license, activate or deactivate the user, and search for them in case the list becomes super long. Speaking of super, take a look at the newest super planning program by Jedox.

License and user activation

It is worth mentioning that license assignments can be found in the System database under the _USER_USER_PROPERTIES. More about system cubes can be found on the following link.

The Full report can be downloaded here. NOTE: in order to upload the .wss file you need to unzip the folder first.

Courtesy of V.Z.

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