In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to integrate Jedox reports from Excel into PowerPoint presentations, allowing for dynamic and effortless updates.

Step 1: Creating a Paste View with the Jedox Add-in for Excel

Rescently, Jedox released a new Excel 365 Add-in which allows you to read and analyze data from your Jedox instance and store values and comments to the Jedox In-Memory Database while using Excel 365 desktop or browser, without requiring local installation, simplifying deployment and access to the latest features.

So to begin, open Excel and ensure you have the Jedox Add-in installed. If you haven’t already installed it, you can find detailed instructions on how to do so here.

Once the add-in is installed, navigate to the data you want to include in your PowerPoint presentation. With the Jedox Add-in, you can easily create a Paste View by selecting the desired area of your spreadsheet. This Paste View serves as a snapshot of your data that can be seamlessly transferred to PowerPoint.

Step 2: Saving the Paste View as a Named Range

After selecting the area you want to present in PowerPoint, save it as a Named Range. This step is crucial as it allows you to easily reference and update the data in your presentation.

To save the Paste View as a Named Range, simply give it a descriptive name that you will remember. This could be something like “SalesData” or “QuarterlyReport.” Once saved, your Named Range is ready to be imported into PowerPoint.

Step 3: Adding the Paste View to PowerPoint with the Jedox Add-in

Now that you have created and saved your Paste View in Excel, it’s time to bring it into PowerPoint. Open PowerPoint and ensure you have the Jedox Add-in installed. If not, reinstall the Excel Add-in and enable the checkbox for PowerPoint Add-in.

With the Jedox Add-in for PowerPoint enabled, navigate to the slide where you want to insert your Paste View. Then, select the Jedox Add-in from the ribbon and choose the option to add a Jedox object.

From the dialogue box that appears, select the Named Range you saved earlier. This will insert the Paste View into your PowerPoint slide, ready for presentation.

Step 4: Updating Data with One Click

One of the most powerful features of integrating Jedox reports from Excel into PowerPoint is the ability to update data with just one click.

Make any changes or updates to your Paste View in Excel, then return to PowerPoint and click the “Update” button in the Jedox Add-in. Your data will be automatically refreshed, ensuring yourpresentation always reflects the latest information.


With the integration of Jedox reports from Excel into PowerPoint, creating dynamic and visually appealing presentations has never been easier. By following these simple steps, you can utilize the power of Jedox to streamline your reporting process and impress your bosses with up-to-date data insights.


The same things can be achieved in Word by adding a View from Excel to Word using the Word add-in.

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