In this article, we will explain what the following error message means and how to deal with it:

Code: 1 – element not found : unspecified default write element in dimension

This error appears when the user wants to extend his cube with an additional dimension. The problem is that system doesn’t know to which element to assign already existing data. If the dimension which needs to be added has more than 1 element that is where the confusion starts. In the below example, we will show how to deal with it. Like always we will use the Demo database:

Dimension country is the one which should be added and extend Sales cube.

element not found

As stated in the error message, there is a necessity to proclaim one default write element so all the data is assigned to it. We can do it here:

default write element

In the picture above we assigned the element Europe as the Default Write Element. After this action, saving the changed layout of the cube will be successful.

A similar error is appearing when we try to remove one dimension from the already existing cube.

default read element

To fix that we need to assign this time Default Read Element. This option is located immediately above the previous one for the default write element.

More about default elements can be found here.

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