This bug appears when we are trying to upload a cube or dimension from the modeler.

To learn more about that you can check here.

The error usually looks something like this:

Session token

One of the possible reasons why this happens could be the size of the file. If the file size is bigger than stated in the configuration file then an error could occur. Definitely, this is not the best error message but I am sure the Jedox Dev team will change this.

So, to fix this you will need to change upload_max_filesize to the size you need. After that, a restart of services is required.

In case you are on cloud —> Just write to [email protected] and they will do it for you.

In case you are on-premise —>, you will need to go to Jedox/Jedox Suite/httpd/php/php.ini and find the line upload_max_filesize. Then restart the services.

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