Palo.ini is a configuration file where superusers (the ones who administrate the server) could add or remove some functionalities of Jedox. It is located in data folder and on-premise could be accessed at this address <instalation folder>/Jedox/Jedox Suite/olap/data. Edit is possible if you do the right click and edit it. For this purpose, we will open it via standard Notepad.

Standard palo.ini

Lines starting with # are commented configurations and therefore will not be executed. The line will be skipped and the next one will be processed. More about palo.ini can be found on this link.

Here are the explanations of the lines:

  • http line represents the IP and port where jedox can be accessed.
  • log sink is the location of the file where OLAP logs will be written
  • splash-limit 1000 shows an error if splashing requires more space than the first number. 500 shows a warning if splashing requires more space than the second number. 100 Shows info if splashing requires more space than the third number.
  • goalseek-limit 1000 Goalseek algorithm can be executed on slices with maximum 1000 number of cells.
  • goalseek-timeout 10000 Algorithm must complete within 10000 miliseconds – 10 seconds.
  • cache-barrier Maximal number of cells to store in each cube cache.
  • template-directory Directory of online documentation: template-directory Binary/Api.
  • no-archives Turns off saving of .archive files for cubes.
  • audit enables audit functionality
  • enable-drillthrough Enables cell drillthrough.
  • worker executing the svs component of the Jedox
  • worker-login Possible values:-information,-authentication,-authorization.
  • use-cube-worker
  • Uses cube worker. Reacting to cell value changes. Switch for On/off.
  • enable-profiling enables request profiler in administration.
  • autosave 01:00 Defines the interval (in minutes) in which automatic autosave runs. If not set, a default interval of 5 minutes is used.
  • defaults-directory Defines the path to the directory where some files for OLAP server are stored.

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