In this article we will show you how to pull the report will all your users and their creation and last login time. This could be useful in case you are wondering which of your users actually use Jedox and utilize the “Free seat” license. In case you are interested more in how licensing in Jedox works you can check it out here.

As we learned in some of the previous articles details about Users can be found in the System database and _USER_USER_PROPERTIES cube. SO therefore we will paste a view with this information:

login time

As you can see both data values are stored in Serial number time of date. Example:

=DATEVALUE(“01-02-2015”) returns Unix time stamp 1420156800, which represents 02-Jan-2015 (=60*60*24*16437 seconds since 1.1.1970).

Obviously, we will need to convert these values into something more readable. There are two ways to do it:

  • Convert from UNIX to normal date using excel formula =(A1/86400)+DATE(1970,1,1)
login time convert
  • Option to convert the value with Rule. For this option, I suggest creating a separate database where User and Usercreationtime will be extracted and stored in a separate cube. Example bellow:
user creation rule

Rule behind Date Converted element:


With these two options, you will be able to export user’s last login time now and present it.

Database and reports can be downloaded from here.