Jedox have wind range of possibilities when it comes to reporting since it is working based on Excel technology. Having that in mind it might happend that sometimes you will need to add color picker into your dashboard.

Here is the example how it could be done.

  • On the spreadsheet, you can put the colors which could be chosen
  • Set up a macro which will be trigged when color is clicked

="<a href=""#"" title='"&U5&"' style=""height:100%;width:100%;display:inline-block;color:"&U5&";background-color:"&U5&";"" onclick=""Jedox.wss.macro.exec([true,['Module1.saveColorToVariable','"&V5&"']])""> </a>"

  • Create the macro in the Macro Editor

function saveColorToVariable ( $color )
  define_variable ( 'varColor' , $color );
  //return do_close();

That is it!! In case you are not a person who has much sense for colors there are amazing patterns of colors on this website.

An example of the project can be found here.