In today’s data-driven world, businesses rely heavily on advanced analytics solutions to gain valuable insights. One such powerful combination is the integration of Jedox, an enterprise planning and business intelligence platform, with ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI. This integration opens up new possibilities for organizations, allowing them to leverage the capabilities of both technologies to achieve enhanced analytics and decision-making.

Recently Jedox realised the model which showcases this bond. It can be found on the public marketplace and it is available for everyone.

In order to work with the model users will need to have their own API key. Documentation of the model explains in detail how to obtain one and how to set it up in Jedox.

The model contains 3 parts:

  • 1st part is where you can send the numeric values to the model and ask it for interpretation of values. The goal is to receive a summary of values and it is good for the people who write executive reports.

Example: Can you tell me more about this time series? Can you explain to me if there are some patterns, seasonalities or trends which are noticeable?

ChatGPT option 1
  • 2nd part is more focused on getting some custom code which can be used for some Groovy or Macro PHP development

Example: Can you write me the PHP code which calculates profit and loss based on quantity and price?

CHatGPT Option 2
  • 3rd part is where you can ask the question related to the Jedox software as you would search in KB.
ChatGPT 3

The integration of Jedox with ChatGPT brings together the power of advanced analytics and AI-driven natural language processing. By combining these technologies, organizations can enhance their analytics capabilities, streamline decision-making, and improve the overall user experience.

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