In this article, we will explain how to change language via User properties and ways to do it. Usually, when creating a user in Jedox there are a few things you need to add in order to create it:

All of this information is stored inside the System database and _USER_USER_PROPERTIES cube.

User User properties

Previously we talked about how to remove the panel from the side which uses appstate dimension element here. Today we are going to focus on how to change the language. Different users are coming from different regions and they would like to see their applications in regional languages. Sometimes it can happen that even decimal delimiters are important to them. For example, Germans use commas (,) for decimal delimiters and other dots (.). There are two ways to sort it:

  1. From the User Setting Panel.
User setting

2. From the Integrator. This method is much better for a large number of users.

Before we start creating the ETL it’s important to know where this property is saved in _USER_USER_PROPERTIES cube. It is stored under the prefs dimension element. This example shows when the user set German as the default language.

User properties

In case we would like to set English we can copy this code to every user.

Code to apply in prefs

“<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8”?>

Now to scale it more, here is the Integrator example. You can use instead of the Constant table your Excel file with similar content.

Convert to XML acceptable language.

Convert to XML code:

on the cube load user properties will be filled with language settings.

The whole ETL can be downloaded here and the user settings manual can be found here.